Books/Music/social media I am into

I am reading: The Meq, Canada, and HP Lovecraft.  I also enjoy reading Federico Garcia Lorca (Spanish poet), Hank Bukowsky (American writer and poet), Emily Dickinson, Fernando Pessoa (Portuguese poet), and James Baldwin.

I am listening to: Tony Bennett, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Janelle Monae, Taize music, and Black Gospel.  I love Black Gospel music. I love my iTunes.

I have a serious addiction to Twitter.  I can be found at @deaconjonegger

My writing keeps me sane.  I’m passionate about it.  If I could reverse time back to when I was 18, I would go to Columbia, MO and get a double undergraduate degree in their Journalism School and their Criminal Justice School.  Then I’d get a job as a cop (homicide)  and write write write!  Writing is my shrink, my therapist, my friend, my heart, and my soul; all wrapped up into what is my muse. 🙂


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