BASEBALL is the only true sport.  It is the only game in which the defense controls the ball and it is the only sport where a perfect game is when nothing happens.  Baseball is very zen.

BASEBALL is generational.  My father loved baseball.  He played American Legion ball after WWII.  He was a center fielder.  When his right fielder dropped dead during a game Dad was so upset that he never played a game after that.  He coached women’s softball and that’s how he met my mother, who played first base.  I love baseball.  My son and his wife love baseball.

BASEBALL simply is.  In my family we call the winter season “the time when there is no baseball.”

I AM A GRINDER: a die-hard, dyed-in-the-wool, GOOD GUYS WEAR BLACK Chicago White Sox fan.  I follow the Royals, Twins, Detroit, and Boston…and, gawd forbid, the Saint Louis Cardinals…but them soutside boys simply rawk…they have history and tradition and that certain jenny-say-kwaa that makes me a grinder.

Them nortside Cubbie bears suck.


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