oh for pain

One of my favorite words is salvific.  It means, simply, leading to salvation and comes from the late 16th century, from Latin salvificus ‘saving’, from salvus ‘safe’.  It means much and packs a joyful punch, and is very baseball-ish/-ic/-oid to me; the theological equivalent for “safe at home.”  

Still, if I could change my name to Salvatore Vific, so i could be great uncle Sal Vific, I would.

Living with chronic pain which could be from the fibro AND the sarc can, some days, almost be intolerable.  I am taking gabapentin for this.  It seems to work but today has been a long day, as Wednesdays are wont to be, and tomorrow we have a burial office sans Eucharist.  Luckily my FNP has a list of five non-narcotic pain relievers for me to try out.  Nevertheless, I do hurt, and trying to explain it would be futile.  Every day is different; throw in pleurisy from the sarc and bizarre headaches and every day is an unpredictable joy.  (Yah, weird, but it’s how I relate to the pain.)  Pain, like recovery, is very Zen and sitting has helped me a lot.  The power of the mind…wow.


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