Three days with ++Frank

I got back earlier today from our annual diocesan Fall Clergy Conference, which is held at Conception Abbey, in the rolling hills of northwest Missouri.  The Roman Catholic Benedictine monks there are simply awesome…generous with their time, spirit and facilities.  (The food was less greasy this year, too.)  Our guest for the retreat was former Presiding Bishop, ++Frank Griswold.  He’s amazing.  Funny, erudite, succinct, thoughtful, brilliant…and a shining theologian.
These are the pigeons roosting on the Archangel Gabriel, as he stands in his westward facing niche on the front of the Basilica.  He stands above the main doors, and the Archangel Michael stands (looking all angelic with his ever-present sword) at Gabriel’s left, in his own niche.  It was the Feast of Saint Michael and All Angels when I took this photo, apparently the pigeons wanted to show off.  “Look!  It’s his feast day and we’re makin’ it miserable for him!  Poor guy has to face the setting sun, but he never shades his eyes!”   

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