shameless pun

All gourmets know about Holland’s great cheeses: edam and gouda. Noted for
their mild but unmistakable pungency, edam and gouda are enjoyed in Holland
and throughout the world.

Most cheeses attract buyers through taste and odor, but the color of the
cheese is also a vital factor.

The most exquisite edams and goudas are dark, creamy yellow; the best are
almost a creamy orange.

In fact, most knowledgeable cheese experts prefer that orange color.

The leading Chinese cheese-making family in Holland was a family called
Yung. The Yungs produced fine edam and gouda, but they could never get their
goudas to develop the rich dark orange hue of the finest Dutch goudas. This
hurt sales significantly.

It has always been against the Dutch cheese manufacturers’ art to add
artificial ingredients to genuine cheese. Nonetheless, the Yung family began
adding artificial coloring to their cheese to create the most saleable

In the Netherlands today, only the Yung dye gouda.


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