Geez, what a week.

Jury duty on a Tuesday.  That threw my week off because in Jackson County jury duty is always on a Monday.

Then, yesterday, Sam and I did a funeral for a parishioner.  321 folks in the congregation.  That threw me off because I thought yesterday was a Sunday.  So it goes.

Yesterday afternoon, Dawn and I walked our shelties.  It’s a mile to walk completely around our subdivision main road, which we live on.  The dogs did quite well, as did we.

Lazy two days, yesterday and today.  Low Sunday in attendance.  I think I’m preaching in a few weeks; I’ll have to check the schedule in my office at church.  I can’t let this spring on me all of a sudden…I’ve had to preach on the spur of the moment when Sam’s been ill.  I really hate when that happens.  Too many times I’ve had to walk into the pulpit thinking, “Lord, tell me what to say…”

Lovely weather, finally.  Dawn and me both hope Fall has fallen upon us.  Attic fan on.  82˚F, low humidity and a nice breeze.


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