…damn you.  Drank some Coke Zero after 6 last evening.  That did not help.

My second night this week with no sleep.  I hope to crash after my morning AA meeting.

A sad day yesterday.  Our senior warden died last night at 2233.  Dawn and I were at hospital yesterday afternoon.  She stayed with his wife while I went in to say good-bye.  He was comatose, after far too many codes.  As an old ICU veteran, a cursory look at him and I knew he was not long for this world…he died one hour after life support was removed.  Dawn and I had been praying for a quick homecoming rather than a long siege, so we are grateful.  The comatose can hear so I told him who I was and that I loved him.  Through tears I asked him to remember Trinity when he was in Heaven.  A hand held, a silent prayer and one long last look.  May you rest in peace and rise in glory!  Robert was a union organizer and a labor lobbyist in Jeff City and was very well known at the state level.  This will be a huge funeral for Trinity.  He was a firm, loving man with deep faith and convictions and a love of the common man.   As a third generation union man, it was an honor to know him.  I’m worried about the rector as he was very close to Robert. 

Rain, finally, yesterday.  It has been quite a summer.  Hot and humid with all too brief cool spells.  Hopefully this is the beginning of a slow start to a long Autumn.  I pray that clement weather is upon us.

Fergus was up all night with his papa, sleeping across from me on the couch or hopping off to lay at me feet. 

The coffee is done brewing. 


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