August 14

My mother never had surgery.  The surgeon decided to try watchful waiting, and, as watchful waiting is wont to do, her bowel obstruction went away.  She did end up back in hospital for a tune-up a week later and went home on oxygen 24/7 AND is back in hospital again for blood transfusions.

I spent a lovely evening in the ER yesterday and have a 3mm kidney stone that I am trying to pass today.  I hope it passes soon.  I called my parishioner Karen this morning to let her know that Dawn and me will not be attending her hubby Danny’s surprise birthday party tonight.  I’ve been playing catch up on phone calls today from the rector, the organist and other parishioners.

Feeling cotton-mouthy from the pain meds.  I don’t think I’ll need to take any more of them…the IV toradol and dilauded they gave me have helped immensely…but it’s comforting just knowing I’ve got 30 Percocet just in case i need any.  Dizzy, too.  My standing BP was 90/41 a few minutes ago.  Can you say dehydrated?!?  As much as I hate pushing fluids on myself, I’ll have to keep pushing fluids.

I applied for a position with Saint Luke’s new hospice program and haven’t heard anything about an interview yet.  This is a “dream job” for me.  Dawn had an interview for Executive Director of the Kansas City Indian Center — — and hopes for a second interview this coming week.  She’s 3/4 Native American (Cherokee, Sac & Fox and Seminole) and would love the job.

Anastasia and Ben’s wedding was amazing.  *Lots* of fun.  Here she is with her stepmother and me.

Listening to “Car Talk” on NPR now.  A lazy, half-drugged day so far.


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