Mother’s gut

My mother is in hospital.  Her 5 inch hernia (which, sadly, holds most of her intestines) has now, probably, caused a blockage.  Surgery to repair said hernia (and hopefully repair blockage) is scheduled for around 2pm tomorrow.

Yes, I’m anxious and scared.  She’s my mother, fer cryin’ out loud.  I get my ornery from her.  All I can do is pray…and pray is all I’ve been doing.  It’s out of my hands.  I hope things go well, though she only has a 50/50 chance per what the cutter (surgeon) told us last evening.  Being an old MICU/CCU nurse, I know that a little knowledge (and, in my case, a lot of knowledge) is a bad thing.  I know the complications and prognosis for such a surgery on someone her age with her co-morbidities.

Prayers rise for Marnie.


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