Our shelties hate fireworks.  Fergus hates thunder, too.  Cammi, being new around Eggerhaus, is too skittish in the first place.  They’re miserable.  It’s cloudy, 85F, high humididty, cloud cover with just a slight breeze.  All the rain is staying to the west of us, so the fireworks are more than obnoxious.

Dawn’s got the TV, as she always does.  I’d get rid of the damn thing if I could, except for the fact that I like the old movies on AMC and TCM.  I’ve not a patriotic bone in my body, so i’s either sweat outside or suffer inside.  Neither choice suits me.

We did play patriotic music in church today.  Oddly, that didn’t bother me…but, then, I was helping The Sam+ with all manner of things sacerdotal.  Good attendance today, too, which was a surprise.  The Sam+ and I both thought we’d have a low Sunday.

So hard to breathe in this humidity.



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