The wedding approacheth!

Quiet time at Trinity right now.  The phones aren’t ringing and thunder can be heard in the distance, bringing high hopes for a cooler day tomorrow.  Philip and Elizabeth will be in from Milwaukee this evening and he promises to take me to the driving range in the morning to whack a few balls around.  He’s a neophyte golfer and does his best, but he and his Beth would much rather spend the afternoon at Miller Park or here at the K when they’re visiting.  Those two are blessed with the Baseball Bug® and more power to ’em.  Anastasia cycles.  Not sure what Ben does to help him relax.  They’ll be a block or two from the ocean on Point Loma…

I promised Anastasia, in an offhanded way, that I’d lose 50 pounds for the wedding.  Thanks to the right pills for “the sugah disease”, I’ve managed to meet that goal.  She and me are most happy about that.

Some angst about seeing Plaintiff for the next two days, but this too, shall pass.

The auld lad, Spock, died about 5 weeks ago.  Fergus has missed his older pal since then.  Saturday we’re taking him to the KC Sheltie Rescue event on the Kansas side to let him “find” or “be found” by another companion.  I hope he finds a good lad or lass…dogs are pack animals and he misses the other half of his pack.

Preaching this Sunday.  Good Gospel.  God’s pointing me in the direction I need to be and telling me what I need to say.


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