Notes to Myself

Today, as every day, my AA meeting was just what I needed to make me through another 24 hours sober.  I keep a notebook for my thoughts, and throughout meetings I write down my own musings as well as some of the Really Important Thoughts of others.  Odd as it sounds, I refer to the notebook when I need it, and most days I do!  This disease is incurable and it will kill me if I don’t stay spiritually fit, work the program and share my experience, strength and hope with the alcoholic who still suffers.

One of my notes to myself from today:
Keep out of the ifs.
Keep out of tomorrow.
Keep out of worry.
Cling to today.
Cling to the ever-present now.
Cling to God.
My misfortune has truly become my fortune!

With that, I’ll pass.


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