Holy Week approaches…

…and I fail to feel it yet.  I hope it happens soon…maybe on Palm Sunday, but especially by Maundy Thursday.  We had a traditional backs-to-the-people Rite I Eucharist last night, with our usual healing service…and the addition of Stations of the Cross, as presented by the film The Passion of The Christ.  Heady, horrible, gut-wrenching stuff.  My dear Dawn was reduced to tears by the Stations.  “All mothers should…”, she opined on the drive home.  I reminded her that we are an Easter People, but that wasn’t much consolation.  I think she’s on to something, though, because you can’t have a resurrection without a death, you can’t have a death without a life lived, and you can’t have a life lived without a lowly birth in a manger cave.

Holy Week will hit me at some point.  It always does, it’s just a mater of God’s time.  The passion and death of Christ will make sense again, hopefully sooner than later.  I ought not fear it, and I will get through it, but deep down I always think, “Look to the resurrection!  We are all about Easter!”


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