Advice to a friend that I need to remind myself of daily.

Sitting her at work (church) working on my sermon (piddling along) for
this Sunday and checking my email as a healthy distraction between
the phone and the secretary, so I thought I’d drop you a note.

Oh my, yes, your sister will be in my prayers, and those of my email pals.
You, too, will be remembered as you go through the ikky, twitchy
sad afraid.

One thing I have learned in AA (the hard way, like most of my sober learning)
is that a burden shared is a burden lessened, and a burden prayed for is a
burden relieved.

That gut-wrenching anxiety that we have less gut-wrenching when we know
that others “suffer” with us.  For me it’s a combination of needless anxiety
brought on by what I want and looking back with a case of “if only”.  Then
I remember that I should simply plan for tomorrow, not on it…and that the
past can’t be changed, but it can enhance my future…I can look back on
it, and I have to remember to look back at it BUT DON’T STARE.

In the former paragraph I put suffer in quotes because I have to continually
remind myself that pain is mandatory but suffering is option.  I probably
told you that before.  I need to hear it over again, almost on a daily basis.


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