Saturday evening, not quite late-ish…

…well, half past nine.

The day has been quiet.  Painful day, slept away part of the afternoon. 

Fergus has been with me most of the day, hangin’ with his papa.  He’s been sleeping with me, laying by me, going outside with me (vice versa, actually)…having a dawg day, as dogs are wont to do.  The funniest thing happened!  After it had gotten dark this evening, I was peeling hard-boiled eggs by the sink.  Fergus was watching me intently.  He started growling.  I turned to him and said, “Fergus!  Chill!”  I turned back to my task and he started barking ferociously (Shelties are barkers…), his bark of alarm.  I looked at him and he was looking past me, barking at my reflection in the window!  Doofus dingus dawg.  Every now and then his two brain cells collide and something happens; it just happens at the darnedest time.

Advent is upon us.  I’m preaching next Sunday.  No inspiration yet…


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