Elegy for David

I was stunned when I found out that my online friend David McClendon had died of sarcoidosis.  David was only 44, and like me, was recently diagnosed with sarc in his heart and lungs.  He was a journalist and blogger.  Gawd, he could write!  Oh, I write…I love to write, but my writing pales in comparison with his.  David was smart and funny and had a wit that could cheer me up in a moment’s notice.  The last words he wrote in his blog were “Stay safe.”

He dropped dead getting milk at the store.

His second to last blog entry was about his dog.  It had a photo of his dog gnawing on David’s big, ugly feet.  Just like my dogs do to me.  He loved his dog like I like mine.  I wonder if his dog misses him?

I wrote this poem about David:

What do you do when a snowflake melts;
   a snowflake just like you?
What do you do when a heart is stilled;
   a kindred heart so true?
What do you do with awful pain;
   that you’ve sorted through and through?
What do you do with abject fear;
   when you know it will happen to you?
You give it to God and praise God for life;
     cleansing tears and hope.
Memory heals.

I grieve my loss.


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