Something Dubya never did.


In the middle of the night President Obama went to Dover AFB to speak with families and salute the returning war dead.  I would not like to be in is shoes…if he just had the cojones to have them come home in the cabin, rather than cargo.  From Tom Mattzie’s blog on Huffington Post:

President Obama didn’t have to go to Dover. George W. Bush never went we’re told. Obama could’ve stayed back at the White House and kept some distance from the war–almost suggesting it is the responsibility of the former president. But instead he chose to put himself firmly in front as the Commander in Chief. He chose to create an image that will likely endure through his presidency and as part of his legacy. What a dramatic contrast to images from the last presidency of George W. Bush flying over Katrina or “Mission Accomplished” day.

Unfortunately, although it is only a few hours since the president returned from Dover, we should expect that the Rush Limbaughs and Glenn Becks of the world will start whining about the president’s visit accusing him of exploiting the event. Their script is so predictable that I can write this just after 9 AM with confidence that they’ll do it. But our president should always be reminding the American people of the sacrifice our troops make.

As of a few days ago October has been the deadliest month yet for the war in Iraq–with 54 American soldiers making the ultimate sacrifice.

No matter what your political views are or your position on the wars, we should never forget those making the ultimate sacrifice.

Mr. President, thank you for reminding all of us.


One thought on “Something Dubya never did.

  1. Actually, Obama Fanboi, Dubya did do that. With no photo op.

    And… Dubya and Laura spent every Wed afternoon at Walter Reed. No photo op there either.

    Your obsession is a little tiresome, imho.

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