Thursday struggles

DSCN0178-1Oy!  Such pain!  My left hip, lower back and major muscles make me feel like a bowl of pulled pork.  I haven’t felt this punky in a long time…like a week! grrrr.  I’m blaming it on my shoes. hehe  Sick sarc thinking, dontchaknow?

It’s the sarc paradigm working: Do too much, pay for it muchly.  I had hospital visits yesterday, a sick and whiny rector to deal with and a service of Evening Prayer last night that have left me with an energy level of 2/10 today.  I was to go with Dawn to an eldercare seminar today but felt worse after showering, which is unusual, so I’ve been laying low with the dogs.

We went to Winterset Ia, this past weekend for the Covered Bridges Festival.  Stayed at the new hotel in West Des Moines and woke up to snow Saturday morning.  Talk about a surprise with that coating of the frightful whiteful!  I did have the happy surprise of my life to turn around and see President Lincoln on the town square.  Being a huge CW/ALincoln buff, this was awesome.  He was in character, too.  I told him to stay away from Ford’s Theater and he looked at me curiously and said, “I’ll remember that…”


One thought on “Thursday struggles

  1. Now, you must take this in only the most complimentary way, in which it is certainly intended. I looked at this picture and said, “Oh, look! Two guys dressed up, one like Abe Lincoln and one like the Dalai Lama!” Then I realized it was you, and said to myself, “I wonder why he’s dressed up like the Dalai Lama? It’s a really good likeness!” Something about that peace and serenity thing must be working, brud!

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