Sunday late evening 10/4

Busy morning at church.  Aside from preaching it was also the feast of Saint Francis so we had the annual BotB.  (Blessing of the Beasts)  I took 64 photos.  There were at least 24 dogs there.  Lots of cat owners and dual owners but all the cats were left at home.  No reptiles, birds, small mammals, fish or beasts of burden.  (cue Rollings Stones music)  It was lots of fun!       

Now I’m tired!  Standing so much for two services, with the addition of standing in the pulpit, left me racked with pain and disharmony.  Now I’m simply tired.  This Tuesday I’m off to UCM to talk to freshman nursing students about sarc and my experiences as a patient.  Two 50 minute classes, from 10-12.  I hope I’m not tired that day, but in a way seeing me feeling punky might give them an idea of how rotten sarc is. 


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