argh part two

Fingerstick 282 on arising.  I call Linda’s office (which I hate to do because I hate to whine and complain) and leave a message with her nurse, all apologetic about having to call her, who calls me back and says to take the damned metformin twice a day and see Linda in a week. 
Fingerstick 547 after taking the damned metformin. 
I would rather die than be a slave to fingersticks and diabetes.  Makes sarcoidosis look like a walk in the park.

whoopie shit


One thought on “argh part two

  1. Aw, put on your big girl panties and deal with it.

    I do it and I don’t bitch. Much. And my finger sticks are followed by abdomen pricks and my belly looks like I’ve been in a pool cue brawl. Oh, and about sixty pills a day, between 180 mg of viagra in 20 mg tabs, B-12 and D and calcium, to make sure that I don’t get osteopoenia from the steroids (have you had a bone scan??). Oh, and the nerve deterioration from the scleroderma. On top of the neuropathy, and the ruptured L4-L5 that makes my left leg numb.

    Yeah, your pity party is yours alone.

    I just got through burying a 20 year old who didn’t make it through rejection.

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