Oobladee oobladaa…

…life goes on.

After having a major zonk last week (was awake for only ten hours over several days) here I sit at 0316 on a Sunday morning, wide awake, after trying so damned hard to sleep, knowing I have to be up in thre hours for church.  Lots of shortness of air still and hand and back pain.

Our niece Kate is staying with us for ~a month.  She’s my height (6-1) at least, and is a typical Iowa farm girl, near as I can tell.  She’s very picky about the things she eats, complains about just about everything, but she’s a joy to have around.  She’s funny…and adds to the general laughter in the house.

After diddling around with the VA about my pension since February, we went congressional and called US Senator Claire McCaskill’s office last week.  After speaking with an aide on the phone on Thursday, within two hours the VA called me!  Everything will be ready for me to sign on Tuesday and it’s off to the OPM (Office of Personnel Management) for adjudication.  It pays to consult your senator!!!


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