Turned 51 this past Saturday.

Nothing too monumental.  I hate being fussed over.  Dawn got me some chop sticks–really nice ones–we eat a lot of Chinese and Japanese, plus I use them in cooking.  (Beating eggs, moving at turning things in a pan, etc.)  Michael got me a package of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee…the best coffee produced.  Niece Kate got me a battery operated nose and ear hair clipper.  My old one had actually gotten dull. 😦  My sister got me a little green book of NY Times crosswords…I love crossword puzzles.  Yes, I do them in ink.  hehe

Dawn also got me some miso soup, sushi, sashimi AND some squid salad from Myobi, our favorite sushi place.  Next couple of days Dawn and Kate are going to be out of town so I’ll be ‘batching it with the dogs and cats.  I’ll get to make all the things Dawn doesn’t like…sauerkraut soup, Thai food, sausage, etc…should be fun.

Lots of persistent back plan.  Worstening neuropathy in my feet.  I hope to see a rheumatologist soon.  I called a close on the other day, left a message on his nurses’ answering machine asking if he knows anything about sarcoidosis.  I also found out from an online sarc support group pal about a new NIH study.  NIH will be calling me on Tuesday for an interview to see if I can get in the study…or any other sarc studies they may have at the present time.  I want to help in any way I can to make sure that no one ever has to suffer frm this damned disease…  


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