early morning

I woke up at about 0430 and haven’t been able to sleep, so I put a pot of coffee on, put the dogs out and did my morning AA reflections.  I switched out my day to chair the morning meeting with someone–my Wednesday for her Friday–so I’ll be chairing today.

Our niece Kate is staying with us.  She’s 16 and is all about pink and Tinkerbelle (sp?).  She’s a talker and being with her for any protracted length of time wears me out mentally.  I’ll get by; I always manage to.

Something is going on with my body.  Joint pain—comes and goes—and lower back/hip pain.  I feel hot all the time.  Night sweats.  More shortness of breath.  I hope I’m not headed for a flare-up, since I’m almost off the prednisone.

Tomorrow I am 51.  I hope my 51st year is better than my 50th.


One thought on “early morning

  1. I’m betting it’s “almost off prednisone.”

    I have a friend who was coming off 60 mg daily for about a year of tapering, and toward the end she thought she was getting ill, and was sad to discover that that’s how she felt when the ‘roids weren’t masking her symptoms.

    And so it goes.

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