Lately it seems like I can’t win…it’s either a sarc zonk or a fit of insomnia.  Well…I learned a long time ago that if I can’t sleep I may as well not fight it…so I get up and go with the flow.  Interestingly, when I do have insomnia I tend to get things done…writing, blogging, or some decent reading…either a Bible or something I’ve been wanted to sink me teeth into. 

The rector I work with is away for eight days on a sabatical of sorts.  The supply priest we had today was very good.  Preached a (bit of a long) sermon.  Low in attendance for both services.

At last Wednesday evening supper/service one of the women of the parish was complaining to me about some coffee she had purchased (Dunkin’ Donut)…she didn’t like how bitter it was.  I suggested a little salt might help the bitterness.  She shows up at church today saying, “I tried the salt and it didn’t work…I have something for you!”, and hands me the coffee.  Now…I am never one to turn down free coffee (unless it’s flavored or decaf) and I was truly touched by her kindness.  If I cannot sleep I’m sure I’ll be trying her coffee in a few hours.


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