near the end of April

After the second service today, one of the souls at church asked me how I was doing.  I told her I was doing OK, and she said, “No you’re not…you’re too easy to read…” 

Ouch.  I really didn’t think it showed. 

The prednisone taper is taking it’s toll.  I’d forgotten how much joint pain it masks…the lower the taper, the more my knees and hips and lower back hurt.  The lower back, especially, feels like it’s going to explode..less so when I sit.  When the Community of Deacons met last weekend I was having one of my bad half-an-hour-to-shower-and-need-a-cane-to-walk days that, TBTG, are few and far between…and I shudder at the thought of ever having one of those kinds of days when it’s a church day.

Philip and Elizabeth were in town last week.  Wedding day is July 25.

My pulmodude has told me that I may live a long time with these sarcoid-fibrotic lungs but that a pneumonia could kill me in a week.  I wonder if the same prediction holds true with swine flu?


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