Did Obama bow?


It’s less close than what Dubya did…


One thought on “Did Obama bow?

  1. One of my favorite Ted Koppel stories is one he told about going to Saudi Arabia with Henry Kissinger.

    Kissinger had been telling him, on the airplane, that one of the things he had had to get accustomed to was that Saudi men, when they were very fond of a fellow, or wanted to make a point, would reach over and link pinkies with the fellow.

    Kissinger told this with great enthusiasm, and at one point put his foot up on the arm of the seat in front of Koppel, revealing that his fly was unzipped.

    When Kissinger left, Koppel sent a note forward to the Secretary of State, which read, “Dear Mister Secretary, if you don’t zip up your pants, Prince Faisal may not link pinkies with you.”

    He said you could hear the Teutonic bark of Kissinger’s laughter all the way to the back of the plane.

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