Tuesday…and a bit-o-Sunday

I was reviewing this blog for errors today.  (Should have been an editor.)  In my previous status update I reported that I was able to increase my IS from 200…that should be 2000, which is where it should be, so I have corrected it!  Lawdy, if I was sucking a vT (tidal volume) of 200 I’d be on a ventilator in extremis.

Today is a “bad to meh” day for me.  Very sore.  My joints ache all over.  I was able to take a shower, but it took almost 45 minutes…not from shortness of air, but because I was so sore and tired.  I hate a sarc zonk.  Tried having a pity party about it, but couldn’t..so, instead, I made a pot of coffee and have been enjoying the day as best as I can.

Sunday past I was getting ready to head out to Trinity at ~0700 when I checked my phone for the time and noticed that the battery was low.  I thought about leaving it at home for a charge…no one ever calls me at 700 on a Sunday morning…but decided to take it with anyway.  I didn’t get more than half a mile from home when it rang!  The rector was calling me…he would not be in because he was ill.  Wonderful.  Morning Prayer and a sermon for both services, led and preached by yours truly.

Now, I had glanced at the readings earlier in the past week…usually I’ll think, “Oh, I could preach this…”, but nothing in these readings, even the Gospel lesson, jumped out at me.  God was with me.  I could have freaked out, but I didn’t.  I had an hour to get to church and read the lessons and throw a sermon together, set my book for Morning Prayer, let the reader know what changes were down the pike, and so on.  My first thought, after talking on the phone with the rector and assessing what I needed to do was, “These people deserve a Eucharist on Sunday morning.”  I have the phone numbers of two retired priests stored in my phone.  One, I thought, was in Florida.  I called the other…yes, he could help…we could get Eucharist in the Morning Prayer service if we took our time…and we could have a regular service at 1030.  Yay!

That still left the problem of the sermon.  The one I had to preach in 45 minutes.  When I read the lessons at church before the first service…still nothing.  “God, help me…”, I thought, as we entered the church to start the service.  Then an amazing thing happened.  I heard the lesson.  Thoughts came…a sermon was being born!  I approached the pulpit and read the Gospel…still not sure of exactly what to say.  As I read from John I listened to my words.  It all fell into place…at the same time I was pulling the readings together and the sermon was coming to me.  When I finished the Gospel, I looked down at the congregation and crossed myself, saying aloud, “In the name of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit…”

Thank you God: My Creator, My Comforter and My Cause For Joy.  Thank you for being there for me when I need you.


One thought on “Tuesday…and a bit-o-Sunday

  1. Can you tell I’m catching up reading some blogs from way, way back? But YES! This is how it happens! Isn’t it lovely? Since I preach every single week, I have this experience of being inspired by the Holy Spirit, as you say. No, I don’t usually wait till the last minute. I did on Ash Wednesday — suddenly, that morning, I realized I should have a few words to say — DUH! My only excuse is that I usually have a Wednesday morning service, and I don’t preach a sermon for that usual one, so I missed it….But I was given a good sermon. But even normally, when I usually have my sermon done on Thursday (so I can have Friday and Saturday off) — I sit and wait, or just start writing, and the whole thing comes/is given to me — it’s a lot like taking down dictation. What a gift! Glad you experienced this particular manifestation of God’s love!

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