Sarc update

Saw pulmodude today. Chest films looked great. No new lung issues. He’s decreasing my prednisone *slowly* down to 15mg daily until I see him in May, and he has me scheduled for a cardiac echo next week. (People with pulmonary fibrosis can get pulmonary hypertension; since I’ve never had a cardiac echo he wants a baseline.)

Saw an ophthalmologist (eye MD) on Tuesday for some eye issues. Eye pressures elevated. He took some pictures and wants to see me in 6 weeks. He said it may be sarcoidosis, it may be the prednisone. Watchful waiting at this point; pressure is not high enough to start me on any eye drops…but I do have sarcoid dry eyes. I was surprised…he knows his sarcoidosis! Wow!

Tiredness persists. The random sarc zonk and brain fog continue. Sometimes I really hate this crap…and have to remind myself that it is what it is…and that acceptance is the answer to all my problems.  Page 417.


One thought on “Sarc update

  1. Ah, the echo.

    In 2007 I think I had eight of them. Unfortunately, mine are unable to estimate pulmonary pressure because I have no tricuspid regurgitation.

    Unless I have a fat pulmonary artery, or distended right heart, they can’t tell jack about PH from my echos.

    However, they can keep a good eye on the pericardial effusion, which, TBTG has been small and unexciting since mid-2006.

    I usually leave my echos with bruised ribs. I’d rather have 10 right heart caths than one echo.

    Have fun.

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