While I was in hospital I had some good conversation with two of my night nurses, Amy and Michael, about FOOD!  They both love Indian food.  I had a run in with some bad Indian food “on the Kansas side” a few years ago and have never had the cojones to try any more.  They made a few recommendations…one close by the big house…so one of these days I’ll be off to try some Indian food again.

It’s good to be home.  Sheltie curled up next to me, sheltie at my feet.  Cats in various places.

My fifty foot hose is not an inconvenience.  It’s not a hindrance.  It’s FREEDOM!  It gives me the ability to “move freely about the cabin” and keep active.  I can do anything I did before in the house with my fifty foot hose.  Shower.  Cook.  Compute.  Feed the animals.  Put the dogs out.  I have two small cylinders, which I’ve already filled, that give me two hours each of oxygen at 2 litres.  Since my sats are OK at rest, I can actually crank it down to one litre and get more time from the little tanks.

One thing I’ve learned through sobriety, and now this, is that life is what you make it.  I can bitch about this, bitch about that…stew in my own juices…complain about the oxygen, the shortness of breath, the cost of my meds, not being able to work anymore…that won’t do me or Dawn any good!  It’s all about attitude and looking at every little thing as a grace from God.  God has given all of us so many gifts.  All we have to do is take the scales away from our eyes (Acts 9) to see how truly blessed we are.  


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