Not a pity party…

…but more of a blue funk.

Coming home today, it all started to hit me.  My life will never be the same.  Ugh. 

My time in AA has helped.  I tried visiting what Bob Dylan described as “the border towns of despair” but couldn’t go there.  Dawn helped a lot.  She’s so good for me.  She reminded me of all the incredible support systems I have: First and foremost, her.  Then my family.  Then my church family.  hen my clergy family.  Then my AA famly.  Then my online Anglican famly.  Then my online sarc/PF family.  That’s a lot to be thankful for…and I’m glad Dawn is there first and foremost.  We stand by each other.  We lve each other.  We are blessed; for both of us, God saved the best for last.

Got my IV antibiotics today.  Tomorrow the nurse from VNA will be by to show us how to give the drugs and care for the PICC line. 

The Apria folks were by to set up the oxygen concentrator.  It makes a bit of noise; much less, though, than I thought it would.  It’s kind of a white noise and hopefully won’t bother us too much when we sleep, especially since the thing is in the hallway between the bedrooms.  I’ve got 50 feet of tubing, and can get anywhere in the house on the concentrator, even the shower.  It comes with two refilable tanks good for two hours each.  The respiratory therapist will be by Friday to check the set up and see if I’m able to use a special delivery system which only gives O2 on inspiration…which would extend out tank time to around six hours.



One thought on “Not a pity party…

  1. I have three concentrators.

    Upstairs, there’s an Invacaire II that only goes to 3 lpm, but all it does is help me sleep. I have discovered that sleeping with the line inside my pjs keeps it from wrapping around my neck and legs. It’s inside a large closet so we don’t hear it.

    In the basement, I have an Invacaire IV that goes to 5 lpm, and is also compatible with the HomeFill unit (which I do not have) which will fill small walk-around bottles for travelling outside the home.

    On the main floor, I have the Inogen portable concentrator with all its accoutrements, the extra battery, the house and car charging units the satellite unit, etc., etc. This one goes on airplanes, in hotels, up mountains, any of those places that I might need to visit.

    Since I have been on o2 full time, I have crossed the Atlantic, walked 5k, and done many things that I didn’t do before I had o2. I have found it more liberating than limiting.

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