closer to freedom

Pulmodude pulled out the “chest tube” today, which actually proved to be what I thought it was…a plastic angled #14 drainage catheter.  Didn’t hurt at all.  He’s putting me on 20mg of pred.  Hopefully the edema will start to come down on less of a dose.

Then, I got to take a shower…my first one in nine days.  Other than the soft water, which I hate, I feel clean after all these days.  My goatee had gotten all nasty and overgrown.  I looked homeless.  Shaved all around it and cleaned it up good.  I can’t wait to shave my head when I get home.  Then I’ll fell back to normal.  I didn’t get too winded in the shower…only when I had my oxygen off to wash my hair and face.

Then I went outside.  Windy.  Sunny.  Temp about 64F.  Didn’t stay out long because I ddin’t want to blow away all the pretty I’d put on in the shower. 

Oxygen and home health nurse will be set up before I get out of here tomorrow. 

My life has changed 180 degrees since the new year.  Somehow, with God’s help, I’m managing to keep on without going crazy and without any income coming in.  Wednesday I’ll have to drop off my papers at the VA and call the Wells Fargo dude about extending out my mortgage.  It’s set up now to be paid off in eight years.  If I can extend it out to 20 years I’ll have a decent house payment. 

I can also go to my morning AA meeting on Wednesday.  That’s the meeting I chair.  I can’t wait to say those words I that I use to start my meetings: “Let’s have a moment of silence for the alcoholic who still suffers, followed by the Serenity Prayer…”       


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