04FEB09, 2200 status check

What a day.

I slept for three hours last night and have been up since ~0300 today.  As noted earlier I’m back with a small chest tube draining where the empyema (pus-filled pleural effusion) was located.  Still being blasted with antibiotics…and it looks as though the effusion is at the root of the problem that got me here in te first place.  I am breathing *much* better tonight, moving lots of air.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that Dr Carter, the DO (osteopath) hospitalist covering my care feels that I won’t get out of here until next Monday at the earliest.  She wants to make sure that this infection is cleared up completely before they let me out of here.

My folks were by today and I was visited by my sister deacon Dayna from Warrensburg.  I hadn’t seen Dayna in ages and we had a good visit.  My friend Hansie was also by for a chat.

In response to a short email from him, I wrote my bishop a lengthy reply…it was almost like writing him  Ember Day letters again.  I was able to let him know where I am spiritually in the midst of this hospitalization, as well as with all the other changes taking place in my life right now.

I received several phone calls, also.  I’m amazed at how well the calls cheer me up.  I am in a small private room with a big window that faces north.  I see the sun but get no sunlight in the room proper, which makes me sad.  This weekend I hope to get outside.  It’s supposed to be close to 70F, and it will do me good to have a change in scenery.

The nurses, aides, therapists and others here at Saint Mary’s are so very kind to Dawn and me.  We are both grateful for this; it stands in direct antithesis to how things were in the big house.

The “soulwork”, as I call it…the time for reflection…that I’m getting here is good and so well-needed.  For me, huge changes need plenty of time to sort things out.  I don’t want to sound selfish, but this time is all about God and me…it is sorely needed and I cherish it.


One thought on “04FEB09, 2200 status check

  1. Does it strike you that empyema sounds like something that should be on a Mexican menu?

    Glad your soulwork is going well. Lots of that needs to get done for many of us.

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