03FEB09, 2230 status check

Amy is back tonight.  She’s as hacked off as I am that I planned on getting a good night’s sleep and someone in pharmacy scheduled three IV antibiotics in a row…one for an hour, one for 90 minutes, and one for 30 minutes.  Three hours shot to heck.

I feel good.  I will be going home on oxygen 24/7, but that’s ok.  I need it like a diabetic needs insulin…and I really am amazed at how much better I feel on the O2.  I am relaxed and truly *feel* comfortable for the first time in two weeks.  Walked far today, too, which helped.  Couldn’t do that before.

Lots of company today.  My folks and sis were by.  Ron Keel, the priest I used to work with at Res stopped by.  One of the chaplains from the hospital was by, also.  He was Baptist and did a “weejus” prayer: “Father, we just ask…”

Tomorrow I get to play beer keg.  They plan on tapping my lower right chest as I have a small pleural effusion down there.  That ought to be fun.  I’m used to being on the working end of a tap.  They’re fun to help with.

Amy and I made a deal that in one hour I’ll get my last IV and sleeping med.  Then I hope to sleep, in uninterrupted bliss (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) until about 0500.


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