03FEB09, 0300

Back in hospital.  A good one this time, not the big house.  I’m at Saint Mary’s in Blue Springs.  Only four miles north of home rather than 15 miles northwest of home.  Besides, the care is better here.  My night nurse, Amy, is the best.  Her mom has sarcoidosis, so I actually have a nurse who knows what the hell I have.  She told me earlier that in all her years of nursing I’m only the second male she’s taken care of with sarcoidosis.  It is a rarity amongst us guys, unless we’re Black.

What got me here?  An ambulance.  Ba da boom!

Actually, Apria was supposed to deliver an O2 concentrator to the house today and I decided (not my best judgment) to get the bedroom ready.  I got acutely short of breath, had the wherewithall to try to take a nebulizer treatment, but my sat was only 77%.  I almost stopped breathing.  Called 911 with instructions that I would be waiting out back for them.  (Yes, I am a fool and the thought did enter my mind to drive myself to the ER.)  The dogs saw the crew as they were arriving, and as I went out to greet them, Fergus got out.  Poor dog was barking like a fool, trying to herd six burly firefighters and paramedics.  What a circus.  Finally got him in the house, me on the gurney and the ambulance to hospital.

I was in ER from 1600 to 2300.  Lab drawn, ultrasound of the legs done (r/o DVT) CT c/s done of my chest.  Antibiotics given.  I’m also on solumedrol 125mg IV q6h and after two doses am totally buzzed and worhless.  O2@2l.  Feeling fine, but short of air even when standing to take a whizz.

In the morning I will be seen by pulmodude and ID.  I wonder why ID?  Was there a change in my xrays indicative of a possible infection.  I was given flagyl IV in The ER.  A  fungal infection?

Will post more later when I know more.


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