Saturday morning, almot February

My sleep is good, but I’ve noticed in the past week that shortness of air wakes me up every morning a about 0630.  I’ll roll over and notice that I wake breathing faster.  The routine is to turn on my reading light and tell Fergus to hush because he always barks when I turn my reading light on.  (I don’t speak Sheltie; he’s probably wishing me good morning.)  I sit for a few minutes, take a wizz and get dressed.  More sitting and purse-lipped breathing because of shortness of air.  I put the boys out in back and stand there, catching my breath.  Then I make myelf a cup of tea or put a pot of coffee on.  Lately I’ve been on a tea kick so it’s either Earl Grey (two bags) or PG Tips.  I let the boys in, then read Morning Prayer and AA Daily Reflections, As Bill Sees It and One Day At A Time.  I fire up Thor (my MacBook) and read my morning newspapers.  Then I check my email, followed by my first nebulizer treatment.

Yeserday I met my dear friend Morton for lunch.  He was a parishioner at Resurrection.  We hadn’t seen each other in about two years.  We’re both Civil War buffs and, given that this is the bicentennial of Linciln’s birth, we spent 90 minutes talking about Lincoln.  We’ve decided to have a “Last Friday” lunch every month so we can keep in touch.       


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