inaugural thoughts

Watching C-SPAN today.  What a morning.  My thoughts?  Obama is wonderful.  He looks good today.  The First Lady looks beautiful in that yellow dress.  It will be fun watching the girls grow up in the White House.

Rick Warren?  meh.  He’s an Evangelical Cheshire cat like Falwell.   I don’t trust him.

Joseph Lowery?  *wow*  When he started out with lyrics from “Lift Every Voice and Sing” I lost it.  It’s such an emotional hymn and it means a lot to me simply because of what it means to my Black brothers and sisters.

It was so good to see Dubya get into that helicopter and get out of Dodge.  Clinton left him peace and a surplus budget and look what Dubya’s leaving Obama!


It feels good to be an American today.  May God bless the First Family!


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