17JAN09, 2100

A quiet day.  Spent most of the day vegging out either with the dogs or in bed napping.  Temps have finally moderated here.  After snow yesterday we had a high today of ~41F with bright sun.

Spoke with my boss yesterday.  Work has me scheduled to return on 11FEB09, which is fine with me.  I had hoped to be back by 1FEB, but I can live with 11 more days off.  The time to mend will be required…this is taking much longer than I though.  General anesthesia is more difficult on a body with age, and this surgery really threw me for a loop.  I hope it’s the last one I have for a long, long time.

I see the surgeon on Monday afternoon.  When the surgery was done he made three incisions between my ribs to access the right lung via the trocars.  The intercosals (spaces between the ribs) are heavily innervated and when the nerves are severed ther is always some neuropathy.  I have a small area of numbness around the chest tube insertion site and some odd paresthesias on my right side forward to my  nipple line and mid-abdomen.  Needless to say, this drives me nuts, especially when clothing is lightly laying on it.  I’ve taken to wearing a tight tee shirt under my shirt, which I hate, but it does help with the feeling.  I’l ask the surgeon if he’ll prescribe some gabapentin for this.


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