day to day

This day to day routine is getting to me.  I feel like I’m Bill Murray in the film “Groundhog Day”.  The routine here doesn’t change much.  The dogs, I’ve noticed, have their own routine, too, which leads me to wonder whether they get bored, too.  Dawn tells me that dogs have no long-term memory and have no concept of “the future”…she says that they live in “the eternal now”, which is one of the more well known works of theologian Paul Tillich.  (It’s either in my office or packed away in a box somewhere.)

My pain level is minimal.  Ibuprofen does the trick.

We started using the two months free Netflix Philip got us for Christmas.  Yesterday we got “Enchanted” (Dawn’s choice) and “Wordplay” a documentary on crossword puzzles, those who make them and those who play them.  When I called Philip to let him know that we had started the Netflix, he suggested that documentary…and I had already ordered it.  Like father, like son…he, too, does them in ink!

Our low last night was -6.1F, but it should warm up to the 40s by Saturday. 


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