a few days later

What a difference a few days make!  I had a good day last Friday.  Saturday was awful.  Lots of pain and some paroxysmal shortness of breath.  I was supposed to preach on Sunday, but called Sam at the last minute and said, “Hey, dude, I ain’t even coming in to church tomorrow…”  Sunday was a fair day, and today was even better.  Taking ibuprofen for pain.  Took the dressing off the chest tube incision today and have a band aid on it now.  Minimal pain on deep breathing.  SOA persists, but my sats are OK.  Tomorrow I see the pulmodude…hopefully the biopsies will have been read and I’ll know a diagnosis and maybe even a treatment plan for this fibrosis.

Dawn got me biographies of Ben Franklin and John Adams for Christmas…she knows I *love* US history.  The Franklin biography is a good read.  I’ve always been one of those lucky people who can read more than one book at a time, and have six or seven on my nightstand right now.  Aside from the two new biographies, they are all Civil War books.   

It’s amazing how many little things I missed while I was in hospital.  The way *our* bed feels.  Nuzzling with Dawn.  Driving my own car.  Getting out.  The dogs and cats.  Going to hang out with my folks and hearing my dad bitch about everything.  Making my own coffee and having it whenever I want.  Being able to go to AA meetings.  I was scared in the hospital…I had half a life and tried to maintain as much control as I could to what little life I had.  The whole experience will make me a much better nurse.

The surgeon’s nurse practitioner cleared me to return to pulmonary rehab.  If I feel up to it I plan on going tomorrow.    


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