home from the big house

Sheltie love!  The boys are hanging tight with me tonight; lots of licks and nuzzles.  Right now Fergus is lying next to me with his chin on my thigh, looking up at Papa with big brown eyes.  One nice thing about dogs is that they’re always happy to see you, with “lovins” at the ready.

I feel halfway decent.  There’s a small pneumothorax (trapped air pocket) in the right lower lobe which causes me some shortness of breath, but for the most part I have more of an ache there than pain, and this, too shall pass.  Painful to take a huge breath and my breathing is a little fast, but my sats are OK…upper 90s at home.  Percocet helps the pain.

I can’t wait for my 0900 morning meeting.  I had several visitors from the hall while I was in the big house.  Harry, my sponsor, visited or called every day.  I love him like a father.  I’ve gotten cards and noted from my parishioners at Trinity.  I cry when I read them.  My friend Ben, from work, who’s a Baptist preacher, stopped by yesterday.  The black Baptist preacher and the white Episcopal deacon talked and laughed and prayed together.  He is my brother in Christ, and I love him so.  I let him know that.  Father Sam stopped by, too, and we had communion, from Trinity…the best kind.

Now I mend.  It’s never too late to mend.    


One thought on “home from the big house

  1. Jon,
    So very happy you are home and enjoying being there. Take it easy and keep healing. You are in my prayers!
    Mary Beth

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