Oh, what a night…

…it was a dark and stormy night.

I was placed on water seal yesterday.  As the day progressed my pain got worse and worse.  By 1900 I was so sore and so tired and so painful that I thought I was going to pass out.  Excruciating pain,  accompanied by cold, soaking sweats. 

Somehow, someway I made it through the night.  I am pretty sure I hallucinated.  There were white beings hovering in the corner of my room by my head.  They seemed to be talking wih each other.  I woke up once, to take a whizz, and almost fell.  I didn’t even think to call Dawn. 

This morning the pain persisted, but lessened after they put me back on wall suction.  At 1345 the nurse practitioner came by and pulled the chest tube.  Within two minutes I had *NO* pain.  I am now free to move about the cabin, unencumbered by any tubage, as long as I promise not to flick boogers at anyone.

I will be discharged in the morning after a night of observation.  I cannot wait to see the Shelties.  I miss my dogs more than anything.        


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