“Glory to God, whose power working in us…

…can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine: Glory to God from generation to generation in the Church, and in Christ Jesus, now and forever.”

These words, from Ephesians, are one of the closing prayers for our Daily Office.  When I read them a little over an hour ago I was struck by both their simplicity and their power.  I lay here reflecting on this setback to my recovery…and realized that, yes, this is but a minor setback in the greater scheme of things.  I will be OK; this is God’s time, not mine. Simplicity.

Dawn has been spending the nights with me.  She does not trust this place and feels a strong role to be my protector while I am weak…a role which I would happily do if the situation were reversed.  I am grateful for her love and concern; I am scared and she knows it.  When she got up a bit ago, I grabbed her hand as she returned from the bathroom.  We looked at each other, deeply.  “Thank you for loving me,” I said.  She replied, “That’s what love does.”  Power.

Our wedding invitations contained these words from Shakespeare:  “Serve God, love me and mend.”  We mean them, to each other, always and forever.  Amen


One thought on ““Glory to God, whose power working in us…

  1. I’ve always really loved that prayer. In Canada, that prayer is also used as one of the Prayers after Communion in the Book of Alternative Services. It’s one thing I really miss when I go to church here. (Funny enough, the other is the start of the service, where the BAS uses The Grace instead of the “Blessed be God…” response.)

    Praying for you and hoping things keep looking up for you.

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