3rd day post-op, 1815 status check

Much better day.  One of my goals was to have a bowel movement; this was accomplished with much anal wind.  I am also sporting a new #20 saline lock in the dorsum of my left hand.  I have bruises from  I know not what…on my arms, wrists, hands…all over.  Some may be from arterial sticks, but they are all odd and in odd places.  All hell breaks loose when someone’s airway collapses, so I’m sure that OR was a circus when they could not intubate me…

I was also able to take a “bath” today.  I always thought it was strange to hear patients delight in such a simple thing as being able to freshen up…after all what can you really accomplish with a washcloth and a basin of soapy water?  First, I was awful dirty.  It’s amazing how dirty and crusty someone can get just laying there for four days.  Second, I smelled really bad.  Glands continue secreting and oily, ikky things build up in the damnedest places and piss dribbles collect and dry up on my boxer briefs.    Third, it felt really good to get even a teensy bit clean…to get my deodrant and my scent back on…it was like finally getting a little bit of me back, and it felt really great to get this accomplished.  Such a little thing meant so much!

Peggy, Philip, Larry and Kent called today.  My mother and sister visited, as did my friend Bob, who gives one heck of a massage.  He worked my right shoulder well.  A heating pad also helped.  Oxywhatever helped today, too, but I’ve just asked for some morphine, as I’ve had no relief from the latest PO med.  Ellen and Chuck also visited again.  Chuck is teaching me how to play backgammon, and it’s easier than it looks.  Confusing, interesting rules, but the rues are what make it so much fun to play.

The lung still has an air leak.  It will heal on it’s own, in God’s time.  They who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength, they will rise up on wings like eagles…teach me Lord, teach me Lord, to wait.

A long seige.     

Space madness.


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