A little better afternoon?

Can a guy ask for one?  I feel more hopeful about the way this day is heading.  Ninety minutes ago I spoke with my ex-wife and my daughter one after the other.  Annie is driving up to see me and I’m really excited about geting to see her.  (She’s my only girl and she means a lot to me.)  Then I zoned out.  Slept solidly.  Pain, my usual 6-8/10 woke me up.  I’m waiting for some oxywhatever from the day nurse.  I can hear the bubble of the air leak at the end of a coughing jag..and today has been my best coughing day by far.  That’s my personal sign of progress…being able to clear my airway well.  I’m using 3 litres of oxygen bleeding into my CPAP at night, probably won’t need it when I go home, but it makes a huge difference in the quality of sleep I am getting.  Las night..wow..I woke up feeling great today, then I had to move and the shoulder started acting up.


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