2JAN9 0540

A decent yesterday was followed by a rough evening.  I needed 4mg morphine IV to get the edge off and after chatting up with a few friends on Second Life it was lights out at 0040.  I should have asked Joanna, my nurse, for more morphine, but did not.  I fell asleep and slept well and was not disturbed until 0400 vitals.  This morning I was able to sleep on the chest tube side, but I am sore from the belly up.  I always tell patients that the second day post-op is the worst, so we shall see what the day will bring.  I feel like I’ve done a hundred push ups.  My throat is sore and my voice is gravely from the intubation.  My pain level when I need something for pain, hovers around 6/10.  I also coughed up a clump of old blood today.  Somewhat alarming, but they did a bronchoscopy before VATS.

My friends on the online pulmonary fibrosis support group have been amazing and I love them all.  Harry, my AA sponsor, has been by both days.  Our dear friends Ellen and Chuck were by for a visit…their daughter is getting married in June in Detroit and we are the only Gentiles from Kansas City who are being invited, which is a high honor.  (Ellen emailed her friend in Jerusalem about me, and a prayer for me, in Hebrew with my name in Hebrew, was placed in the Western Wall on my behalf…)  My family has been here.  My mother made us her famous denver sandwiches yesterday and snuck them in past the Salt Guards and I plan on calling her today to have her sneak me in some more real food.


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