VATS update 1JAN9

I’ve had minimal pain today.  Morphine yesterday (Gawd I hate taking morphine…makes me feel panicky) and today oxycontin every six-or-so hours.  About 120 cc sanguionous (bloody) drainage in the pleurevac.  The only problem is that I have an air leak.  It’s small, but will keep me in hospital longer than I thought.  I’m supposed to preach at both Eucharists this Sunday…I hope I’m out by then, or it’s Plan B for Trinity.

The food here is excellent.  Had a veggie burger for lunch.  I was put on a cardiac diet–no salt–so nothing tastes like real food.  Tonight I had a piece of angel food cake which was abysmal.  It was both hard and crumbly.  Very strange; if one were to eat a diet of this one would eventually shit adobe.

I do not watch any television and my MacBook is loaded down with iTunes, so I’m set for my listening pleasure.  TBTG this hospital has free WiFi for patients, so I can email and blog on the internets.  If I am here until Saturday I have made a huge sacrifice and will let Dawn watch her fashion shows tomorrow evening.

My butt is sore from being tethered to this chest tube.  I’m confined to the room (I call it protective custody) so the routine is pretty much bed to chair, chair to bed, stand to pee, ad nauseum.

My cow-orkers brought me in some circus peanuts and vanilla Oreos.  Such a treat!  They say they’ll miss me.  I am the old man on the unit at night and all the other nurses are my kids’ ages, so I’m sure they mis me more for my experience than my beauty and poise.


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