1Jan9 0430

I feel like I lost a day yesterday that I’m never getting back.

It started the night before, when my surgeon called to say that my case was being backed up until 1100.  “Still NPO after midnight, doc?”  “Yeah, but you can sleep in…”  I played around on SecondLife until the wee hours and slept in until almost 1000.

Dawn picked me up at 1030.  We got to Centerpoint…and i realized that I’d forgotten my CT disk at home.  Dr. Gallion’s ominous words loomed in my head: “No films, no surgery.”  I said to Dawn, “Sugar…I forgot something at home…”  Dawn, being Dawn, returned home to get them.

Meantime I had a chest xray, EKG, a blood gas (which didn’t hurt), and peed into a little cup…and all over me and the guerney.  That was embarrasing.  They started an IV on me and for hours (so it seemed) I was grilled by the anesthesiologist, wh asked me durned near everything except wheh I had my last menstrual period.  My sponsor from AA, Harry, stopped by with a drawing of me that Deane, an artist in the group, made of me.  It’s signed by all the folks in the group…and is so sweet.  When I get home I’ll have to scan it and post it here.

I was wheeled into surgery and the last things I remember saying was when the anesesiologist told me that he had just given me some fentanyl and versed.  I started to say, “Oh, I’ve had versbdjhcm…” and drifted off.

My next memory was like bad dream.  I was fighting the ETT tube.  I may have coughed it up, I’m not sure, but I was really uncomfortable.  Lots of “Work with us…” and “Try to relax…”  All that and I was groggy, too, plus my right chest hurt like the bejeesus.  My mouth felt like it was full of cotton.  I had no idea what time it was and I didn’t care.  Someone kept giving me morphine.  (They were probably thinking, “Pain, sure, but let’s knock his ass out!”)

I finally made it up to my room in Progressive Care.  My sister took a photo of me,  I think.  I have a chest tube to wall suction and have three litres of oxygen and get breathing treatments every four hours.  My sats are 96ish.  I have a drip of LR at tkvo.

I got online last night (hospital has free WiFi for patients) and tried reading email, which was a farce.  I could barely see, had cotton balls falling out of my mouth and my hands could not see the keyboard.  Yes, Dawn had warned me not to use my computer…after getting some Coke Zero in my system I got on SecondLife to let a few friends know I was OK.  Dawn and I rang in the new year with lipsmacks and I fell asleep.  George (respiratory) woke me at 0300 for a treatment, blood w as drawn at 0330, and I’ve been up since.  Back to nap world.


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