Lungs are getting interesting.

I saw a cutter (surgeon) on Monday.  My VATS is scheduled for new years eve at 0800…and I have to be there at 0600.  I should be out by Saturday.

Saw pulmodude on Tuesday…he’s curious about whats happening.  I have the typical “ground glass” look on my chest films (as an ICU nurse I’ve looked a thousands of chest films) that is cmmon with fibrosis and the last two of the four CTs I’ve had show a stable disease process.  Two months ago, when all my increased SOB showd up, my FEV1 was 40.  On 20 mg prednisone, its up to 65!  Pulmodude thinks it might be an infective process they can blast with pred and antibiotics or chemo and STOP.   Meantime he says not to worry about even thinking about a lung transplant.  My first pulmonary rehab went well.  Passed the six minute walk with my lowest sat being 90 on RA.

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