CoMo calleth on Monday

Today Dawn finished her cover letter for the admission packet to get into the Counseling Psychology PhD program at Mizzou.  She’s going to CoMo on Monday afternoon to hand deliver them to the department, and I wish I could go with her…but I work that night.  It’s been a long, hard climb for Dawn to get where she is now in life…grad school is daunting, but nothing will stop her from that doctorate.  Stubbornness is one of her best qualities…

The program is difficult to get into, with over 120 applications each year for something like five places in the program.  She’s got so much going for her…she’s had a brain injury herself, so she’s empthetic toward her clients; she’s also brilliant, she’s bi-racial (a mutt, like Obama), she’s got the qualifications to make a fine psychologist.  Mizzou does research in her field, neuropsych trauma, so she’s a great “fit” for the program and would be an asset to the program for sure.  I hope she gets in.  It wouldn’t be difficult for us…I could transfer to the VA there and we both *love* CoMo.  The only hard part will be selling the house here…but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

So…here’s to hoping and praying for the best for both of us!


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