kee-rist, what a day

Being allergic to contrast dye sucks.  Yesterday I started my prep with 50mg benadryl PO every 6 hours for four doses.  That alone sucks, big time.  I’m on pred taper, so needed none of that.  I woke up bleary and groggy and somehow drove myself to the lab for blood work.  Oh, nothing by mouth after MN, too.  My good missus picked me up for the scan, after I’d had my 0.5mg xanax PO for anxiety. (I hate the CT tube…)  Luckily, the usual red haired and freckled LPN was on duty who starts my IVs for the scans.  It’s always good to have a pretty young lady to flirt with pre-scan.  After scan we went out for lunch, then stopped by my folks for a bit.  Next week, PFTs.  I see my pulmodude again in December.  Hopefuly he’ll hand me diagnosis.


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